That girl in the mirror

A Girl In The Mirror

I came running through the house,
Tears fell all over the path,
I halted near a window,
And saw a girl !

Her tears fell as mine did,
Her eyes swelled as mine did,
She was breaking into pieces,
She was shattering into bits.

Seeing her i wiped those drops,
She also followed the same,
I looked into her eyes deeply,
And she too glared back.

I smiled at her,
She too beamed at me,
Soon we both started laughing,
And dancing out of joy.

I thanked her for consoling me,
I thanked her for not leaving me,
I thanked her for being selfless,
I thanked her for being helpful.

My mother knocked the door,
She entered and was stunned to see,
I talked to a girl,
To a girl in the mirror!

Many times you feel lonely, you seek people and you find no one. Then just go and talk to a person in the mirror. In a very famous movie a dialogue was there,“if you can’t do it for anybody, do it for the man in the mirror”
This life is a gift of God. Live it !

Don’t just survive. Live…



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