A Mistake!

Many times in our lives, we commit a mistake. A mistake, which can destroy many things, many relations. I had also done many mistakes. But this poem is an account of a mistake what someone very near and dear did. He made me realise the power of trust and love. So thereby, i wrote his viewpoint. I wrote what i saw because i was also there in the scene.

Hey dear, you made me realise that people do mistakes, but it never means that you are a wrong man. You are the most beautiful person, the most caring heart, which i have seen in my life.
God bless you!


She was crying badly,
Lying on an aquainted shoulder,
I wanted to grab her completely,
But my fears held me back.

I glared with filled eyes,
For long, upon my toes,
Suddenly, to my surprise,
She came and held me at one go!

Crying in her embrace,
I thought about things unspoken.
For everyone now, i was a disgrace!
I was afraid to face friends or foes.

I thought of those happy days,
When she trusted upon me blindly,
I thought of that old place,
Where i and my friends wandered.

All those momentarily flashes,
Revived my dead tears.
I again had wet eyelashes,
I cursed myself for that mistake.

I cried on loosing her trust,
I cried on leaving my friends,
Her ironed love was now with rust,
Would she ever believe me again?

Peeping from that tight embrace,
My eyes met my old friend,
He saw me with different eyes,
And i quickly looked down again!

I started hating that girl and her clasp,
It was no less than bars of love,
Why she wasn’t able to grasp?
Keep that only to herself?

At the next moment i loved her,
She was broken, yet wasn’t allowing me to break.
Her clasp now felt like soft fur
She really loves me so much !

After a while she seperated me.
She bore a swollen yet pretty face,
She saw through me,
And my eyes conveyed her everything.

She insisted on washing my face,
But i was weakened.
I didn’t wanted a random eye chase
So i decided to stay in dark.

She whispered a soft “I Love You”
And after a long time, i opened my lids.
I saw the same face, i saw an old view,
Everything was good again !
             – By “A girl as a Boy”.



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