A terrifying reality : Peshawar

What a place this world has turned into ?
A mob comes, and does something barbaric. It goes and what we do is to just watch and condemn. Moreover, somewhere inside we feel happy that it did not happen to us or our dear ones.

132 children, small little innocent kids, were killed by talibans. I don’t care about the location till i am aware that such thing happenned. What was their fault ? That they were pakistani ? Had they been indians they would have not been killed there. But still if not there then here, in a attack like 26/11.

We have got adapted to such news of bomb blasts of terrorism to such an extent that now we don’t even think it as a taboo or an anti-social activity. We should do something. I don’t know what, but yes “something”. Something like what america did after 9/11. Sitting idle and waiting for our own turn is not a good option. Not at all.
RIP kids.




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