“I don’t miss my school”

I am not missing my school… It’s just that…

The early morning scooty ride,
The trifle over which we fight,
The almirah full of helmets,
And the comfort when eyes got wet
I am missing it all.

Pranjal’s jacket with a XXXL cap,
Kartik’s guitar with a broken strap,
Vaibhav’s title of fair and handsome,
Aradhya’s unbeatable debate wisdom,
Hopping Pakhi’s bird membership,
Fun at Anandi waterpark’s trip,
Geetika’s overgrown colourful nails,
Nazar and mine pj’s leading to heart fail,
Ayushi’s sudden study attacks,
Shashwat’s books which made a big stack,
Shantanu’s high and low phases,
Yashwant’s fogettable mad faces,
Anushree’s all time rubberband shopping,
Aditi and ours golgappa partying,
Vibhav’s everytime pulling my ponytail,
And my bad brother Vishal’s help.without fail.
I just miss all this, nothing more….



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