So now this is one of my creations… Hope you like it…


People say he owned million pounds,
So why today, he lies claden in white?
People say he was well renowned,
So why today, he seems to be quiet?
People say he was a great man,
So why today no one cried for him?
People say his buisness had a great span,
So why today tears dried for him?

It’s not his fault
He lies there in serenity.
People visit and revisit him,
And he still lies.
He sees his beloved crying,
He sees his son in agony,
He is dead but his soul is alive,
Now he realises who was his, here !

He feels guilty on seeing money,
On thinking about his life,
Wasted in earning an unfaithful possession,
Which never cared for him
And which after is death,
Is making a joke of him.
For, it is attracting his brothers,
And his beaming relatives.

He sobs at his foolishness.
At the unending urge of earning,
More materialistic possessions.
Which were impossible to be carried along,
All with his soul towards eternity.
He travels alone, numb and naked
Leaving behind his name and identity.



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