From nobody to somebody!

One day you are born. One day you are dead. And between these two days lies your journey from nobody to somebody !

You enter this world with some basic relations called “mom” and “dad”. And these are said to be only relations which accompany you forever. Then why relations like boyfriend/girlfriend or a simple friend, sometimes seems more charming than these unbreakable bonds? Maybe because, these were your choices. They are those people whom you chose to be with among a bulk of people. And when your decisions, your choices are correct, you are charmed !

But all the people make u a somebody. I believe that every person entering your life alters you in some way, maybe bad, maybe good. I, since childhood, had a lots of friends and when today i see myself infront of mirror i see reflection of all of them within me at one go. They made me somebody! Had all these people i.e. My family my friends and my love not been in my life, i would have been an entirely different person alltogether. You too !!

I want to thank every person who has ever been in my life. Special thanks to those who betrayed me, for they helped me in recognizing people more efficiently from then onwards.
Thanx to my family for making me a good women.
Thanx to my love for loving me so much.
Thanx to my frnds for helping me always.

At the end



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