AARAKSHAN : Cause of a social divide.

Aarakshan (in hindi) or “reservation” is a process of setting aside some number of seats in government jobs exams or in our legislature (like in lok sabha) for scheduled castes, tribes and other backward classes. It is a statuary law and each state has it modified the way it suits.

Reservation must be abolished.
I feel that way when it comes to the field of EDUCATION.

I am a student. I am preparing for some really prestigious exams(IIT JEE) which follow reservation.
Last year, The general cut off for the mains level of the exam was 115 for general, 74 for OBCs and unexpected 47 and 43 for SC and ST respectively. Now, is this really fair ?

Long back in india, during the vedic period the system of caste or varna started. But at that time caste was’nt decided by birth. It was decided according to the karma or the work which one did. But slowly it changed itself to the method of determining caste by birth. Then was when the concept of SC/ST being untouchables came in light.

After our nation got its independence, a system of reservation based on the caste of a man was started in order to help them. They lacked opportunities, finance and for their betterment, it was apt. But today after decades also this system is going on in the same way. Its need is over, but still it is going on. Right now, we dont discriminate people on the baises of caste. We only have two castes actually right now i.e. The rich and the poor. Their are many rich “reserved” people and many poor “non-reserved” people.

By giving aarakshan, in the field of education, the goverment is doing injustice to the all the people of the country, may it be one who gets it or the one who is not getting it.

If you don’t get reservation: Most of the sect of the society does not gets any type of reservation. They are general. Many bright and intellegent student who should get admission in a good college are deprived of it. They feel so humiliated when they see a SC or ST scoring half than them and getter a better college than them. It is creating the same divide, to abolish which, reservation was initially introduced.

If you are getting reservation: Admit it , you are a human ! People have their own limits. By giving reservation, goverment makes people lazy. When it comes to studies, they study lesser as they now they would clear their cut off easily. But after getting into a college they dont get any other benefit. They have to study what others study with the same zeal. They are unable to cope up as their basics are not so clear (I am talking generally. Their were people who being sc st were seriously more deserving than general candidates) . As a result they commit sucide as seen mostly or leave the college after 1st sem. Sucides in IIT have a great percentage of people who cracked it because of reservation.

On a funny note, there are some people who are actually benefited. Its like they wanted a maruti and got an audi i.e. They werent that bad but werent that good also.

So, I think, when it comes to education reservation must be abolished. If government wants people to get good opportunities provide them with funds. Judging people on their financial status would be better than judging them on caste. If they are poor no matter of what caste and they dont have money give them what it takes for their upliftment. If if they are rich then no benefits must be given to them no matter to which caste they may belong.
Give them good weapons to fight the war, dont just open a backdoor for them else they’ll never be good warriors.



2 thoughts on “AARAKSHAN : Cause of a social divide.

  1. What an awesome speech dear… @vishruti singh! I simply agree with the point that reservation must be abolished…………as this creates a big hindrance in career… as the deserving students looses what they want or deserve… not only in education… but also in whole govt. sector.,…at the time of getting jobs as in whole govt sector 50% seats are reserved for sc/st…… let me share an incident…one of my general candidate friend scored more marks in class 12th more than a girl who is SC ….. they together applied in college for getting admission for B.COM 1st year …. the cut off list were having more marks than my frnd so she was not get admission in that college.. the sc girl got admission as she was sc & u know 50% seats are reserved for SCs in govt colleges n that college is a govt college……. i was shocked to hear this…….


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