Dilemma, why you come and kiss me everytime ?

Two days from now, i was seeing myself with my cousin sister at her place wearing my yellow suit and now i know where i really would be. I’ll be in my classroom studying about “real gases”! the feeling which i get right now is a mixed one, but to be frank it is more inclined towards a positive side. ya it is !
To elaborate, it is my sisters engagement on 9th and i was leaving on 8th. tickets were booked. bags were packed. but today i saw next weeks timetable of FIITJEE (Well, i am a fiitjian and i am on drop for the well known iit jee!). i have 5 classes the next week (totally weird and unexpected on their side…normally we have 3 per week.) i thought ……… and thought …….. and thought. i consulted my teacher. he just said “don’t go” and i accepted it. it is not so that i am a very obedient child. i ain’t. but he resonated with what was inside me. and thereby i decide not to go. i rung my sister. she obviously is very angry at me. who wont be? but i am determined. i will not move from it. my mother is pushing me to go, my Didi wants me to come but i wont because i cant suffer the consequences.

After all this, i thought… really ??? me??? “WORK ABOVE ALL” wasn’t my type. but after taking such an unexpected decision on my part i feel satisfied.
*that i cant be influenced easily(HE says i can be :/)..see i wasn’t :/
*that i have respect and devotion for my work.
*and that i am sensible enough not to do my loss while other people try to gain something.

Well i intend to use this time wisely now which i have sacrificed for my work.




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