Some people do like this !!!

To start off, lets start with today(actually yesterday would be practically apt but since I am awake, i’ll prefer today!) 😀

Today when I woke up, news headlines captivated me. A boy of IIT KHARAGPUR grabbed a package of 1 cr. 55 lakhs i.e. Roughly 10.5 million per annum in his campus selections!!!

On the other hand I also saw news stating that many students left packages of almost 0.9 million…why?
Are they mad ?
No, they are IITians, how can they be :/
So, are they overconfident?
Might be.
Are they greedy? Did they wish for more money.
I cant hope this, not at all…

So…what possibly can be the reason ??
What you feel ? (do comment)

I feel…they are thinkers(maybe).
They dont want JUST money…they want to contribute. Contribute to the nation in terms of knowledge and development. We develop so many engineers but why they confine themselves to this 9 to 5 office job ? Afterall, they are ENGINEERS, the pioneers of innovation!
The answer to this not so difficult ques is…. Money.
For instance…let us consider a boy who took chemical engg. In any IIT or any other good college. He studied properly for whole of his college life. Companies came…he got selected at two places. One who would recruit him at some “x” bucks as a chem engg and another who would recruit him as a computer man for some “x + y” bucks.
Result- he goes as a comp man for those extra “y” bucks.

He leaves his field.
He ruins what all he studied.
He ruins the purpose of his study.

So coming back to those students who left a lavish job….there is a possibility of them belonging to that community where they wont change their field for money. They would persue what they were supposed to…because they are learned on that part and they know they can contribute for a better tommorrow!


Well i got something…. Click here

This seemes to match my viewpoint !!


One thought on “Some people do like this !!!

  1. Those IITians aren’t overconfident, they realise what they have been offered. The packages couldn’t lure them coz something else has crowded up their thoughts. Its their dreams and the idea of converting it to reality. This zeal that burns within makes them strong enough to discard such job offers.

    Non-IITians also have dreams but they are mostly related to their improving lavish lifestyle and even if one dares to dream different, to make advancements to any technological field or to follow a concept/idea/plan of something unheard of ; endless hands pull him down. An average Non-IITians doesn’t focus on creating something new but to get settled and start earning a decent income. Its the society, it’s the need, it’s a clichéd existence.

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